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September 12, 2015
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If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you know you need to be selling online.  But something’s holding you back.  What is it?  Is it the cost, the technical expertise, or the time required?  There’s a solution that will get you up and selling online today.  PrestaShop is the smart solution for your business.

PrestaShop finally eliminates anything in the way of online commercial success.

Entrepreneurs, start-ups and emerging businesses – or brick-and-mortars making the transition to online selling – often struggle to grow and thrive because of barriers such as financial, technological or time limitations.

PrestaShop removes these barriers.  Its powerful freemium platform empowers businesses both large and small to take full advantage of global internet commerce.

No other competitors offer a free option.

Why is PrestaShop a great solution for your e-commerce store?  Let’s count the reasons:

1.    PrestaShop is easy to use.

No matter what your level of tech know-how, you can have your e-commerce store up and running in minutes.  PrestaShop has an excellent live demo option, so you can see a sample of your finished store. Installation and set-up is fast and simple.  Its intuitive interface makes creating your store a breeze.  Your customers will find it easy to use, too, with seamless checkout, payment and shipping options. Once you have your Prestashop website set-up and designed my a professional, it is smooth sailing.

2.    PrestaShop has sophisticated and extensive features.

Are you a developer?  A web designer?  PrestaShop has enough features – more than 300 – and customization options to give you total control.  Are you a merchant with no interest in trying to become or hire an IT specialist?  You can choose from templates and themes, and produce an e-store that looks like you’ve got a full-time tech staff.

3.    PrestaShop is totally and reliably secure.

When it comes to e-commerce, security is imperative.  PrestaShop is fully PCI compliant, supports SSL certificates, and fully encrypts all passwords and cookies.  Secure practices are encouraged and built-in.  PrestaShop will even rename your admin area’s URL to something more private.

4.    PrestaShop is open source, and endlessly customizable.

Because PrestaShop is open source, it can be personalized to suit your specific needs.  Store elements are customizable, so users can bring in their corporate logos, styles and practices and create a unique, branded store.  Stores and internal functions can be improved with optional add-on modules, available at minimal costs.    You can use PrestaShop as-is, or change it, and distribute it as you wish.  You can use it as a white-label platform for your e-commerce store.  And if you’re not a coder, you can use any of the many elegant, responsive themes and clean, sleek templates, both those included for free or those available for purchase.  Another option to consider: premium add-on modules, such as newspaper subscriptions or cross-selling solutions.  And, what’s more, any changes you make will be “sticky” – your overrides will never be undone during updates.

5.    You can choose cloud-hosting, or download to use with your own hosting service.

PrestaShop Cloud is fully hosted and supported at no cost.  Its cloud-based platform is automatically updated to take advantage of the latest software enhancements without losing your customizations.

6.    PrestaShop is ready for your growing, global yet localized market.

PrestaShop not only offers multi-store management, but makes it simple.  You can control multiple storefronts from a single back-office; you can group stores together or keep them separate.  You can accept different currencies, and different languages.   More than 50 of the most popular payment solutions and gateways are fully supported, as well as various shipping configurations and tax rules.

PrestaShop works seamlessly on just about any server, on any device, throughout most of the world.  It integrates with leading business services and applications.   And of course, it’s very SEO-friendly, including full Google Analytics.

7.    PrestaShop has a proven track record, with first-class reputation and support./

Founded in 2007, PrestaShop is proud to have earned top awards and sterling reviews.  In 2010 and 2011, it was awarded the Packt Publishing Open Source Awards.   In 2014, it was the winner of two CMS Critic Awards for Best eCommerce Solution for SMBs, and Best eCommerce Solution for the Enterprise.  Its software has been downloaded more than 4.3 million times, and translated into 65 languages.   More than 250,000 e-commerce stores run on PrestaShop technology.

Expert and comprehensive training materials are provided for users at all levels.  Prestashop’s world-class support team is always available with free online chat support.  In addition, it boasts a massive community of more than 800,000 members – merchants, developers and web agencies.  These open-source experts are active and involved, offering endless solutions, inspiration, updates, help and support.

If you’re looking for even more, PrestaShop offers various levels of premium technical support packages for one-on-one individually-tailored help.

8.    Did we mention that it’s free?

Not only is it free to download or to host on the cloud, PrestaShop’s freemium, full-hosted open-source platform will never charge license fees or revenue percentages.  That’s right – there is never a license fee or percent taken from merchants.

If you have any kind of business, you know you need to be online with an e-commerce store.  PrestaShop will get you there – today!

Prestashop is widely used in much of Complete Web’s E-commerce as it is used for client’s that are looking for good SEO and complete control over their storefront. Feel free to view our portfolio of the many professional custom Prestashop developed storefronts and contact us as soon as your are ready to develop your own today.

Jason Houston
Jason Houston
Jason Houston is a web developer at Complete Web based on the island of Nantucket Massachusetts. He actively monitors the status and health of over 20 accounts to maintain position in search and to ensure each business is doing everything possible to increase revenue. Feel free to ask Jason a question at: jason@mycompleteweb.net