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September 12, 2016
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September 28, 2016

WordPress in 2016 certainly has found it’s place in the world of websites. Now the leading option for website development, WordPress can now be be found running almost 30% of websites. With this, comes many people calling themselves WordPress developers. Setting up a WordPress website can be an easy task but when your business relies on your website to succeed, it is smart to stick with a top WordPress developer. Below are factors that make up a well rounded WordPress developer.

A good WordPress developer is one that:

Makes it easy for the client

The main premise for using a Content Management System like WordPress is to be able to have a professional design and be able to edit and change content at will. If a website has been developed where the client is not able to easily understand how to make changes to much of the written content, then it defeats the purpose of using WordPress. What is meant here is that there are various ways in WordPress to accomplish the same thing. Hiring a developer that develops a website with the client’s needs in mind and creates a backend flow that is understandable is important.

Knows how to plan ahead

Updates are a constant thing in WordPress. The WordPress core is updated very couple months and with this comes updates for plugins. Hiring a developer that has this in mind will save your site from breaking if you choose to update anything in the future. This means a developer must create overrides in separate files instead of altering core files of WordPress or plugins.

Uses or Suggests Premium Plugins

A good experienced WordPress developer knows what plugins work best for each situation. Working with a developer that has had good success with a number of plugins is important. Good plugins are like the tools and the tool belt for the developer. Knowing which ones work best for the situation will save headaches of using one plugin then having to use another down the road.

Uses one Framework for all projects

Hiring a developer that chooses a theme that best suites your needs can be very limiting and risky. This option may be the least expensive and in many cases is a fine option. The issue with this is that using a random themes can leave you with one that is buggy or that is difficult to use. Performance may not be a good because you don’t really know what a theme is like until you open the box. Working with a developer that uses a trusted framework that a design implemented from a mock-up, Photoshop, or Sketch is typically the best option.

Responsive design is standard

Don’t let anyone tell you that making the site mobile responsive is extra. This is now the standard and should not be an add-on. If you work with a developer that is charging this as an add-on, move on as they are stuck in the past. There are many frameworks that help with responsive design and two that are very popular are Bootstrap or Foundation. Make sure your new developer is fluent with the use of them.

Other positive attributes of a great WordPress developer

Uses Git version control
Git is like insurance for developers. If something goes wrong in development, a developer that uses Git to track changes to your website files will be able to recover much quicker. If you have serious deadlines, then Git is a must to ensure there is not time wasted sorting out how to backtrack from code errors.

Uses Bedrock and Sage
Bedrock is “Boilerplate” which secures and organizes WordPress in a better way. If your developer uses Bedrock and Sage as a theme framework, then he or she is a true professional.

Solid Hosting Suggestions
Performance is key here. A good host that will serve your site fast is key to keeping people on your site. An experienced WordPress developer knows what hosting works and what does not.

Works with SVGs
Scalaable Vector Graphics are lightweight and now supported in all recent browser versions. These are the choice for top WordPress designers and developers.

Jason Houston
Jason Houston
Jason Houston is a web developer at Complete Web based on the island of Nantucket Massachusetts. He actively monitors the status and health of over 20 accounts to maintain position in search and to ensure each business is doing everything possible to increase revenue. Feel free to ask Jason a question at: jason@mycompleteweb.net