What is SEO?

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This is one of many posts in a series of answers to questions that should be easy to find but typically are not. This is a very light explanation of this topic and there are many more in depth articles listed below.

SEO Explained in a sentence.

SEO is simply put, is setting up your website so that it will show in Google when searched for.

What Does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Why is SEO Important?

SEO has almost taken over the yellowpages. 90% of people now first use the internet when searching for a business or product. 15 years ago, you would have picked up a phonebook and searched for a service in the yellowpages.  If a business wanted to be seen first they would have created a nice colorful one-page ad spread or maybe named the business “AAA Taxi Service”.  SEO is important because it is the deciding factor for when someone searches for a service you provide it puts your service on the first page.

SEO tells Google that your site is the most relevant website for the search terms used.

Here is a very simple example to help you better understand:

The situation: You want to find a local realtor. You live in Situate, Massachusetts.

You turn your computer, open your browser and search for “Realtor in Situate, Massachusetts”

As you can see, a list of possible websites comes up. If you are a realtor in Scituate you would hope to come up on the first page. In a Google search there are typically about 10 search results per page and people typically do not dive into the next pages before making their selection.

How can my website show up on the first page?

Through SEO! It is very important to learn what phrase, when searched in Google, is going to bring you the most relevant traffic and business.  If you are that realtor in Scituate MA, you are going to Optimize your Website for “Realtor in Scituate Massachusetts”.  This means, the Keywords, “Realtor”, “Scituate”, and “Massachusetts”. Needs to be implemented in the Titles, Web Address, and written content.  Keep in mind this is a very simple explanation of how SEO works and it goes much deeper than this.

SEO is not an easy task

In order to come up in search above your competition there is much to be done inside of your website and outside your website.   There are books written on all the topics that pertain to SEO and it is smart to hire a professional to make sure your site is optimized properly and then after, to market your website.   When you hire a web designer to build your website, make sure SEO is included, and that your search terms are researched so that they can be implemented throughout your website.  After all, why would you pay all that money for a great looking website if no one goes to it?

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Jason Houston
Jason Houston
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