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November 16, 2011
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February 26, 2012

Here is a quick run through of how to add photos to the FIA Gallery:

First Navigate to the FIA Gallery section on the WordPress backend and navigate to “Manage Galleries”

Here is the “Manage Galleries” section.

Add a name for the new Gallery. Click “Add Gallery”

Now upload your images from your computer and make sure to assign the new images to the new gallery name.  Here I created “Sample Gallery.”

Now navigate to your “Pages” section

Navigate to the page where your photo gallery is.  Here it is “Photo Gallery”

Now you will see the shortcode for the other galleries currently on the site.  Place the cursor below “Scroll down to see our photos” and click on the upper right icon of the photo above  and to the left of the question mark  icon.

You will now see the different galleries.  Select the new gallery and click on “insert”

You will now see the new shortcode for the new gallery.  Be sire to click on “update” in the lower right hand corner.


That should do it.

Jason Houston
Jason Houston
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