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Community Step is the latest website geared toward brand awareness through community improvement.

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The Community Step Homepage

Twitter can be a great business marketing tool.  Facebook allows for targeted ad buys, Pinterest has proven to be an excellent tool for e-commerce marketing.  Review sites like Yelp add insight into past experiences with your business. All these websites have a place in marketing your business online. Now there is a new website that can add exposure to your company by a displaying involvement in the local community.

Following every avenue online that can bring you new business is important.  Online marketing involves a mix of having the right social media presence and the right website that is built for inbound marketing.  Search is king which means listing your business in all possible places only increases your chance of being found.  When a potential customer is interested in your business or service, they do the research online before the call is made.  They look at your reviews, they post in Facebook for a community opinion, and they look at your website. Why not a website that adds trust to this whole decision process?

Community Step does just that.

Community Step was developed to encourage community building and improvement while helping the marketing efforts of businesses. Community Step create a standard record of people’s and companies involvement to society.  For students this is great when prospecting schools, colleges, or jobs.  For businesses, this is great to add trust to your brand.

Community Step Advantages:

SEO & Online Marketing Benefits

Community Step allows you to post information to your account and publicly display it.  Having public profiles in as many places as possible is important to the success of your website. Trusted links that point back to your site can boost your SEO even if the link is “nofollow” like most social media / listing websites.  Link building can be a sensitive topic and can help or hurt your overall search rank.  Choosing the right places to list your website is important.  Community Step is a trusted American based website that can help your online visibility and overall rank.

When you post on Community Step, each post is like a mini blog post and can show in search.  This is a win for the community and a win for your search presence!

Easily Engage with Non-Profits

Having the time to search out how to get involved in your community and give back can be difficult when running a business.  Community Step makes it easy to create and account and immediately connect with a non-profit to complete a need that they have posted. That need may be a donation of office supplies, clothing, or monetary.  In the past, you would donate to a non-profit and the only record of the donation was your tax write-off.  Yes, you could post the donation to Facebook or Twitter but that would come off as more of a brag than a trusted post.

Promotions for the good of your community

A great feature of the Community Step website is that for every action taken on the website, your business gains trust points to your profile.  This is the same for individual accounts.  To better promote your service, product or brand, Community Step has created promotions that are timed competitions to see who can get the most points to win your promotion.  Here how it works:

Say you own a Hotel and you want to give away a free night’s stay at your resort.  Post the promotion to your account and set a time-frame for the promotion.  This promotion will display in the main feed landing page for your area and allow individuals to join the competition.  If you set the time-frame to 1 month, then anyone who joins the promotion and gains the most trust points in that period is deemed the winner of your promotion. This whole process is an advertisement to your hotel and will only cost you in trade.  Creating promotions helps your community by motivating people to do good.

Keeping record of your positive actions

Community Step allows your business to take action and publicly display these good deeds to the community timeline and to your business profile page.  All volunteer hours, money, and goods provided are kept track of with an overall scoring system that you can display on your website for added trust.

This process encourages people and businesses to do more for their community since now there is a public record of these actions.

How Community Step came to be…

Community Step was thought up and developed by Complete Web.  The platform is completely custom built using the latest and best technologies.  After working with a handful of non-profits we noticed the difficulty in promoting in a field that was very saturated.  We feel that there should be a direct relationship to businesses that give back to the community and overall search rank. We wanted to build a site that created an ownership in community making people want to help improve their surroundings. We have high hopes for Community Step and we hope you take the time to create an account and post your improvements to society.


Community Step is currently live in San Diego, CA and Boston, MA. Locations will be added over time and eventually we will have 400 community feeds in the USA. Community Step hope so expand globally making it easy to be involved anywhere you may be.


The Community Step Main Page

The Community Step San Diego Feed

Non-profit Landing page


Jason Houston
Jason Houston
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