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I develop using WordPress for many reasons. It has a great community following with endless resources, a great library of inexpensive templates, a website can be set-up in minutes, and it is highly customizable just to name a few. When I began developing websites for clients about 10 years ago, I was able to provide low-cost websites for individuals, small businesses, and start-ups because of WordPress. Much of site development 10 years ago was done from scratch using static HTML which took much time and money to complete. By using WordPress I was able to focus on a group of clients that didn’t have the budget for a website from scratch. This is the case for many start-up first time Web Designers and it allowed me to get my foot in the door to creating quality websites. I pride myself in making it possible for people to have a professional looking website for not a lot of money up front or much investment down the road.

How WordPress can save money for small business

Customizing Frameworks

WordPress themes cost about $30-$50 and can produce an amazing website once your content is applied.  By not having to pay for a theme that is developed from scratch, your business can still get a great looking site and save thousands by using a pre-built framework.  All WordPress themes are highly customizable so all the business needs to do is choose the theme and pay the developer a set-up fee.  Many developers and companies frown upon using a framework or theme because it may look like another site. They believe the site may lose quality by using a framework but a website is only as good as it’s content.  All sites are dictated by it’s content.  A theme is just a way to organize your content.  You can have two different websites that use the same theme yet because of the content, they will look completely different.

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No Expensive Updates

The beauty of WordPress is that it is Highly Customizable.  All websites that I develop for clients are developed with the thought that the client will need to easily change and update sections of the website without needing to know PHP, CSS, and HTML.  This allows the client to keep easily make changes without having to email the developer, send instruction, and pay a bloated invoice. An example of this is a restaurant.  When the menu changes, it should be easy to upload a new menu to the site as a PDF and as HTML text (Most people do not want to have to download your menu). Because of this, So many restaurants have out-dated online versions of their menus because it is a hassle to have to rely on the web designer every time the menu needs to be updated.  Most web developers have bigger tasks to accomplish than to upload menus all day so why not make it easy from day 1?  By using WordPress to create custom fields in the site the restaurant owner can login, copy and paste the new menu text, upload a PDF, and hit save!  Make sure when you hire your web developer to set-up the site you explain what sections need to be easily changed in the future so this can be done.  It will cost a bit more to create these editable areas but it is worth it in the long run.

Lower Monthly Cost + Ownership

Compared to WIX,, and SquareSpace, WordPress has a lower monthly fee because it has no monthly fee!  The HUGE advantage to using these site builders is that you are essentially “Renting” your website and never actually OWN it.  With WordPress (Self-Hosted) you actually have a tangible website that you can store on a disk for a backup.  The only cost is the hosting to put your website on which is as low as $3 per month.  The problem with SquareSpace and WIX is once you stop paying you loose the site forever.  What you create with WordPress is your forever!



Jason Houston
Jason Houston
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