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September 17, 2016
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Why continuing to blog is important for your rank and business.  First hand account…

First, a little about organic rank and blogging

The importance of ranking on page one for your business is something that cannot be taken for granted.  Business obtained from your organic search rank offers the largest return on your investment and requires no risk to be in that top spot.  All leads generated from organic search can be considered free business and if the lead falls through, there is no loss on your part.  This is unlike a PPC search placement or a paid lead where if the job or client falls through and moves on, you still stuck with the cost of this connection.

Getting to the top of organic search can take years of hard work. In today’s ranking requirements, this means lots of high-quality blogs.  Not every business needs to blog to be successful but from my experience, blogging makes all the difference in obtaining page 1 for your search terms.

Learn more about search terms in our next blog post.

I work with a number of clients to provide a website for their businesses, then I work with them to make sure their site is being found in the search results. This means creating quality content in the form of blogs and sharing these posts via social media. This process is very effective and it only becomes more effective once the blogs are well written and have content that people actually want to read. This makes sense since a big part of Google’s ranking factor is new content and the bounce rate on that new content.  If Google sees your users visiting the site and actually enjoying (Reading) your content, you will enjoy higher rank in search.

None of this is a sure thing, but I am only giving my account of results over the years of working with various accounts, websites, clients, and blogs. There are times I have worked with a particular client and blogged for over a year with not much change and this all depends on hundreds of other factors.

How much to blog and what happens when you stop blogging

How much to blog

When I begin a SEO campaign, the first question is how much to blog?  This all depends on what your business is, what your competition is doing, and how much quality content you can actually put out.  Most of the time, when working with small to mid size business I have found blogging once a month with a really well written post that provides answers, experience, and or a story is best.  Many times, I have worked with clients to post 1 blog per month.  When this changes one month to write 2 or 3 in a month, we actually see a drop in rank as if Google thinks you are trying too hard gives you a penalty.

I am not saying this is the gold standard for blogging as this could not be the case for other people. It really all depends on a certain situations. Below is what happened to my business when I STOPPED blogging.

My result for monthly blogging

I blog monthly for for my web business. It has been very effective in bringing my business traffic and leads over the years.  Years ago I used to post a bunch of BS that really was not worth reading (At least when I go back to read it).  Now I post anything that my clients may find useful. If I get a question about how to do something from a client, and I do not see a post already on the web, it becomes a blog post so that I can help anyone in the future with the same issue.

The result was page one of search locally in a very competitive field. I am not going to get into the details of what terms I was ranking for but all that matters is that the requests for new work was coming in and the phone was ringing.  The cost of acquiring these new leads through paid sources would have been astronomical so the ROI on just blogging speaks for itself.

My result for NOT monthly blogging

Beginning last May, I stopped blogging for 4 months.  I’m not one to make excuses but at that time I was in the middle of a move, was launching a new business (See Community, had a huge influx of business from top rank, and had a new member of our family. I was too busy to monitor my rank and after the dust had cleared mid-summer, I noticed a huge drop in rank. Along with this was the dial tone on the other end of new client requests.

I cannot blame my drop in rank 100% on me not blogging but it had to have a huge effect on this.  I understand there are algorithm updates and rank tends to fluctuate from time to time, but as soon as I post a couple new posts, the rank immediately started to trend back up.  See the diagram below which is a screenshot from the rank tracker I use called  You can see the downturn after not blogging which is not long after the last post was made. Once I begin to blog again, I started to regain my rank.


Graph of search rank after not blogging. Web Designer in Boston MA


Once again, I am not saying that this was the sole reason for my drop in rank but it very closely coincides with the my blogging activity. This just reinforces the fact that if you are business that relies on keeping your top rank and was obtained from monthly blogging.  DO not stop and keep posting quality reading material related to your business.


Jason Houston
Jason Houston
Jason Houston is a web developer at Complete Web based on the island of Nantucket Massachusetts. He actively monitors the status and health of over 20 accounts to maintain position in search and to ensure each business is doing everything possible to increase revenue. Feel free to ask Jason a question at: