How to change the author on your posts.

How to change the text on Presxtashop home page screenshot image
How to change the text on the Prestashop home page
August 26, 2014
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September 10, 2014

When you create a blog post in WordPress, the post is automatically attributed to the user that is logged in.  There are times when you would like to assign the post to another user.  This may be the case if the new post was written in another text editor and emailed to be posted by another user.  Here are the steps with video below:

1. Check to make sure the new user has been added.

2. Go into the post and click on Screen Options in the upper right corner.  Check off “Author”.

3. At the bottom of the WordPress post area, you will now see “Author” select area. This is a dropdown and it allows you to select a new author.

4. Don’t forget to Publish or Update!

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Jason Houston
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