How to Add Simple Products to your Prestashop Store

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November 12, 2014
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December 30, 2014

Adding a simple product that has just one price can be easy in Prestashop.  Make sure you have your images, prices, and descriptions ready.  Here is how to add a new product step by step.

1. Navigate to the Products area in your shop.

You will see the dark colored navigation bar in the left hand side of your shop. Hover over “Catalog” then click on “Products”

Navigate to the products section in the Prestashop backend - Web Design In Boston Massachusetts


2. Create your new Product

Click on the the “Plus” icon above the current list of products.


3. Fill Out all necessary information

You will see areas for the Name, SKU or UPC, Short Description and an area for a more extended description that will be display below the product.

4. Add your Price

On the left side in the product area you will see all options for your new product.  Let add the price that will display.  Click on “Prices” then enter the retail price.  There are many other options here but lets just focus on the retail price.


5. Save the Product

In order to add an image we must save the product first.  Click on “Save and Stay”.


6. Add your Images

Click on “Images” in the product navigation.  Click on “Add Files” and add your images from your computer.


7.  Add your product to a category for it to show on in the store.

This is your final step! Click on “Associations”.  Check of the category of the product.  You can check more than one and make sure to check the parent category as well.


8. Save!

Save your product by clicking on the save button at the bottom of the page.  Your finished!

Jason Houston
Jason Houston
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