How to add Products to your WooCommerce Store

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November 1, 2014
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December 2, 2014

WooCommerce is an excellent plugin for WordPress for people that want to sell products through their WordPress website.  Here is a simple blog post on how to add Products to your website if Woocommerce is already installed to your site.  IMPORTANT: This post is to explain how to add a very simple product with one image.

1.  Start a new product

In the black left navigation bar, Hover over the WooCommerce tab then click on “Add Product”.


2. Give your Product a Name.

This will be the name that displays on the website for all to see.


3. Describe your Product

In the Standard WordPress content editor, give your product a one-paragraph description.  If you need to write more than a few sentences then you can enter this in the “Long Description” area further down the product page.


4. Add the SKU, and Price

Scroll down to “Product Data” and enter a SKU number.  This number is up to you.  It is smart to keep an inventory of your product SKU numbers so that you do not give 2 products the same identifier.

Under the SKU, enter the price for your product.  If this product is on sale, enter the price before the sale then the sale price.


5. Add an Image

Click the “Featured Image” on the right lower side of the page to add an image and upload the image.



6. Add Your product to a category

If you have multiple products and they need to be grouped and displayed on one page, you need to add the product to a category.  It is smart to use as little categories as possible to limit confusion.  You may also add products tags underneath the categories to allow people to search you product by it’s attributes.


7. Publish your Product!


Jason Houston
Jason Houston
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