How to add images (That are not attachments!) in your email footer using WordPress

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December 2, 2014
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Solution for: Mac Owner
You need: A WordPress Site, Your images that will go into the email footer (Optimized for web!)

Here is the situation:
You receive an email with an important attachment. You go to download the attachment but you find 4 files attached. You figure there must be more than one file so you download them all only to find a bunch of social icons in your folder. After looking for the needed file, you open each one only to notice it is not attached! Another scenario would be that the file was attached but now it resides in a folder with a bunch of social icons. The worst of all, trying to find that one email with an attachment. Not Possible, they ALL have attachments! Good luck. Either way, it creates more steps and is annoying!

You may have the most amazing email signature. So professional, with social clout and a great first impression. Until that file attachment.

Here is how to avoid this:

What needs to happen is for the image files to be hosted on server rather than be attached.  The steps:

1. Sign in to your WordPress website

We Assume here that you have a access to WordPress website and know a bit about navigating to create a new page (If not you can learn the easy steps here).

2. Create a New WordPress page or post

It really does not matter if it is a new blog post or a new page.  You are just looking for the Text editor to upload the email signature images to.

3. Add your image(s) to the WordPress editor

In Visual Mode, Upload your Email footer images into the editor like you would a normal blog post or page. Float them left so that it looks the way it you would like in the actual email footer.

4. Copy the Content

In VISUAL mode, highlight your whole email footer.  Press “COMMAND” and “C” at the same time to copy the content.

5. Mac Mail Steps

On your Mac, open Mac Mail. Navigate to Preferences  > Signatures.  Go to your normal signature area and PASTE the new code!

6. DONE!

No more attachments!

If you need help for have issues with these steps, I provide free help, email me at jason(at)


Jason Houston
Jason Houston
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