How to add a Google Map to your WordPress page.

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To add a Google Map to your WordPress page, follow the simple steps below:

1. Go to Google Maps

2. Enter the Full Address of what you want to display

3. Get to the Code

To Embed the map to your WordPress page you will need to get the embed code and paste to your WordPress page. Click on the Gear icon on the lower right side of the page. Then Click “Share and Embed Map”

4. Copy the Code

Click on Embed Map then choose the size of the map. Typically you will want the small size if you are embedding to your website but this is up to you. Try different sizes to see what works best. You can also create a custom size. Copy the iFrame code in the box

5. Paste the code

Paste the code in “Text” mode of your WordPress page or if you are pasting it to a custom area or widget area simply just paste and update. Now you are done!

Jason Houston
Jason Houston
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