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Front-End Web Developer | UI Designer | SEO Consultant

Jason Houston

I'm Jason Houston, a freelance web designer, developer, and SEO consultant. I design and develop websites under the name of Complete Web. I reside in Charleston, SC with my wife and daughter. I work full-time designing and developing websites for clients across the globe and work remotely with some of the top designers and developers as a combined team in the cloud. I have been working with HTML and Photoshop since the 90s and I am constantly reshaping my workflow and knowledge in order to provide the best possible product for my clients. Listed below is visual representation of my knowledge and experience. If you feel I can be an integral part of your daily workflow, if you have a question, or you are looking to start a new project, feel free to contact me using the form below. I respond quickly, am friendly and personable.

Websites Developed


Years as a Freelancer


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Technologies / Skills

  • HTML100%
  • CSS98%
  • SASS98%
  • Javascript95%
  • Angular.js90%
  • PHP90%
  • MySQL90%
  • CSS Grid85%
  • Github / Bitbucket95%
  • Photoshop100%
  • Illustrator95%
  • WordPress100%
  • Shopify100%
  • SquareSpace100%
  • Responsive Design100%
  • Google Adwords98%
  • CSS Flexbox95%
  • CSS Zurb Foundation95%

Work Experience

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