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March 9, 2017
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Over a years time we find ourselves filling out quite a few web development request for proposals. Here we decided to publish our most recent RFP so that our potential clients can learn a bit more about our process. If you are a company looking for a RFP template feel free to download the questions from this example RFP in the PDF at the bottom.


  1. Company Background
  2. Competitive Information
  3. Experience
  4. Design Approach and Experience
  5. Information Architecture/Navigation Decisions
  6. Custom Functionality Development Approach and Experience
  7. Project Requirements Related to Web Design and Development
  8. CMS Approach and Experience
  9. Licensing, Implementation, Training, and Support
  10. CMS Impact on Search Engine Optimization
  11. Site Support
  12. Hosting


NOTE: This RPF is specifically for a WordPress website and could vary depending on what type of website is needed. This particular RFP was from a Non-Profit which is a majority of our work. We have not disclosed any information about the client that submitted this RFP to us.

Example Request for Proposal for a WordPress website remodel.

Company Background

Please provide a brief overview of your company, including when you were founded, number of years of experience providing Web site development and design services, in general, and with using WordPress CMS, how many employees you have, and how many customers you have.

Complete Web was founded in 2007 by Jason Houston after working closely with a number of non-profits in the area to help with their web presence. The business quickly grew and realized the need for quality customer-service based web development services. “Complete” was derived from having a complete solution for a small business website. We currently operate full-time between Nantucket, MA & Aspen, CO with 3 employees and partner with Aliste Marketing in Boston.

Describe your experience developing Web sites for 501(c)(3)/non-profit organizations.

Our list of Non-profit websites that are live and currently successful:

The Greg Hill Foundation http://thegreghillfoundation.com/

The Boston Police Foundation http://bostonpolicefoundation.org/

Charity Warriors Challenge https://charitywarriorschallenge.com/

Community Step https://communitystep.com

Safeminds.org https://www.safeminds.org/

Competitive Information

Whom do you consider your major competitors?

The web design business is extremely competitive but we do not have any direct competitors. Typically we work with other web agencies rather than in competition.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Cost, experience, local, quality of product, and ongoing support.


Please provide the URL of three examples of projects you have recently completed that display expertise related to this proposal, as well as a short list of the service/services you completed for each.

Please view our complete and current client list here: https://mycompleteweb.net/complete-client-list/

Please provide three references of current customers with initiatives similar in scope _________________ new site, preferably non-profit organizations and/or organizations needing content and functionality that meets the needs of numerous diverse audiences.

This information can be provided upon request.

Design Approach and Experience

Briefly discuss your web site design and development methodology.

We have a passion for creating websites and a passion for making my clients happy with the websites we provide. Our methodology is different for each client but we do stick to a main framework of guideline to get to the end result. Our process is constantly refined based on experience of what works best and most efficiently.

Describe your experience developing dynamic/active content (multimedia presentation capabilities).

Every website we develop is dynamic. Each site is always an active project meant to tell the story of the client then and now. We assist the client to provide media in various formats being blogs, videos, slides, and social media posts.

Describe your experience integrating Web sites with social media sites.

Every website we develop is connect to all relevant social media outlet. This is through social media feeds in the website or by direct links to the social account from the website.

Describe your experience developing responsive Web sites.

We begin working with responsive websites before this was a web standard. Every website we create and have created is responsive to the device of the user.

Information Architecture/Navigation Decisions

Describe how you have helped organizations with small budgets and short launch timeframes, i.e., ones that don’t have financial or time bandwidth to gather extensive user experience feedback from diverse audiences, to arrive at navigation and organization of site (key sections, presentation of content, etc.) that provides the best user experience for all site audiences.

A majority of our clients have small budgets and short timeframes. This is actually how we got our start. 2 great examples are The Boston Police Foundation and The Greg Hill Foundation. Both sites were developed within 6 weeks with a low budget and are both highly successful. Our research into successful navigation came over time during post-launch and was adjusted to ensure ease of use. We live by our motto of keeping things simple when it comes to navigation and this has proven to be very successful. With many websites, it is easy to complicate things because websites can do almost anything. Keep it simple and pretend like you are developing a site for a 6th grader.

Custom Functionality Development Approach and Experience

Describe your experience working with clients to develop custom functionality (e.g., development of an organization-wide calendar that can be searched by date, topic, location or other factors, or a news ticker that scrolls across a site page), including a list of your most popular interactive tools and a list of examples of projects you have previously completed which show these features.

The beauty of WordPress is that there are 1000s of high quality, reliable plugins that allow for custom website functionality with very low cost to the client. Working with a vendor that knows what plugins to use and when is important. We have experience working with a majority of plugins as well as developed plugins from scratch. Our experience is vast when it comes to custom functionality and our work is not limited to the use of suggested plugins. We have developed custom admin sections for all of out clients that make the use of the website easier. If you see a website in our portfolio, the chances are we implemented some sort of custom functionality to make the client’s and the site user’s life easier.

Project Requirements Related to Web Design and Development

Describe your process for finalizing, maintaining, and warehousing Web site content and functionality. Explain how content is staged and deployed to a new site.

Our process involved the latest and best practices for development and deployment. All our work is developed in a “staging area” and deployed via Github version control. All changes are view and tested on the staging site before being “pushed” up the live server.

CMS Approach and Experience

Explain why you do or don’t think WordPress is the right CMS for ___________________ to be employing to launch their new site, based on information included in this RFP document.

There are 100s of reasons to use WordPress and here are the top reasons.

1. Cost & Reliability – Lower overhead to develop a WP site and there are lots of reliable WP developers.

2. Ease of use – faster training times for staff. A majority of staff have prior WP experience.

3. Less wait times for site changes. No need to always rely on developers for changes.

4. SEO value – WordPress powers over 30% of the planets websites and for good reason. Better search results is one of them.

Describe how you will determine whether ______________________’s new site should be maintained on a WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com platform.

There is no debate here. These are 2 very different things. WordPress.com is a separate service. Having a self-hosted WordPress.org open-sourced platform will give you the most flexibility for your website. WordPress.com is meant for small blogs and smaller websites that do not require added features that are possible with a self-hosted WP site.

Describe your experience using various WordPress widgets and plug-ins.

We have purchased and worked with over 300 WordPress plugins and themes from CodeCanyon. Our public profile shows this. We know what works and what does not. We never work with random free plugins and only work with premium plugins that are tested to be safe for use.

Licensing, Implementation, Training, and Support

Please provide one-time licensing and yearly maintenance costs for the WordPress platform you are likely to recommend (please do not include your fees, just WordPress fees). 

Our flat-rate fee covers all costs for the WordPress platform, frameworks and plugins. We cover the site for 1 year for all issues. After 1 year we charge an optional $150 fee to update the site and renew the warranty. There are no monthly fees.

Please provide an overview of any free education and training options available to _____________ directly from WordPress.

This information would be provided to you once the job is assigned. Too much to list here : )

One thing we can say is the hosting is important. Many vendors will attempt to sell you “their” hosting. We only suggest hosting non-affiliated to our financial accounts and that will work best for our clients.

Describe WordPress’ policy on installing product upgrades and specify whether the cost of upgrades is included in maintenance charges.

Technical Support and upgrades are limited to the actual WorPress Open Source install. Anything related to the theme framework provided by the vendor is the responsibility of the vendor or 3rd party developer. The same goes for plugins. WordPress does not change a fee for the use of the platform. All upgrades to the open-sourced code base are free.

Please provide an overview of WordPress’ technical support options.

Technical Support is limited to the actual WordPress Open Source install. Anything related to the theme framework provided by the vendor is the responsibility of the vendor or 3rd party developer. The same goes for plugins.

Please describe briefly how you would meet the _________________ staff new site training requirements outlined in this RFP.

6 hours of included training via: In-person training, video training, phone support, email and live chat.

CMS Impact on Search Engine Optimization

Describe how you approach the common issues that dynamic web sites experience with getting properly and fully indexed by search engines. Be sure to also explain the level of control WordPress will give ___________________ to optimize search engine ranking on its own, post launch.

We use a variety of SEO plugins that assist with the optimization of the site though proper meta tags, performance benchmarks. These plugins assist the client in properly optimizing each page. We also provide reports to the client on monthly keyword rank and total site health.

Site Support

List your service options for ongoing support for complex new site needs, post-launch, such as development of additional functionality, or creating and launching templates for one or a series of pages. Please provide your cost structure for such support and anticipated response time.

We support the site for 1 year after the site is launched. After the 1 year, optional maintenance is performed at a cost of $150 which renews the warranty. All changes to the site that are outdid of the original scope are completed in a 3 -day rolling period at pre-estimated cost of $75 per hour.


If your organization provides hosting services, please describe what they are and associated pricing and how they might compare to other available hosting options, such as hosting that might be available through WordPress.

We have worked with many hosting providers over the years. We only work with the best hosting option for WordPress. Hosting depends on the client situation. For this particular account we are suggestion WP-Engine.com so reliable secure managed WP hosting.


Jason Houston
Jason Houston
Jason Houston is a web developer at Complete Web based on the island of Nantucket Massachusetts. He actively monitors the status and health of over 20 accounts to maintain position in search and to ensure each business is doing everything possible to increase revenue. Feel free to ask Jason a question at: jason@mycompleteweb.net