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February 15, 2018
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April 21, 2018

Creating ordered and unordered listed in WordPress can be tricky.

Here are the steps to easily get around the auto-formatting of the lists in the WordPress editor.

The WordPress editor can be tricky at times. Trying to work with the auto formatting and spacing can be tricky and sometimes frustrating. Many times things look like they should work when they don’t. Whenever I see something that is obvious and seems like it could be timewaster, we make note of it here in this blog. Creating a simple list requires work arounds at times to get it right and knowing exactly what to do the first time will save you time and money.

This post assumes you know how to start a new page or post. The instructions are good for both WordPress pages and post.

Creating the list.


1. Make sure you are in the visual mode.


2. Create the List

This post seems obvious but this step is important. Create your list and make sure to properly hit enter after each list item. Many times people copy and paste a list from another document and the items will not have a space or a line break between them.


Your list should not look like the image below. If it does, create a line break or hit enter between each list item so that they are spaced out.

WordPress Website Developer - List items


3. Format the list

At this point you should have the list written out and spaced. Now just highlight the entire list and click either the unordered list icon or the ordered list icon. The ordered list will display your list with numbers starting at 1. The unordered list will display a bullet next to each icon.




Last Notes:

When you copy and paste a list from another document, many times the bullet will copy over as a character in the list. When you then create the list there are 2 bullets displayed. This can be a pain in the but and you will need to creatively remove the bullets one by one or to do a find and replace in the original document.

Make sure to make the spacing or your list will just display all the items as one list item.

Make sure you have proper spacing between the lists and your content below and above or the WordPress editor will tend to add unwanted items into your list as well.

Happy listing!!








Jason Houston
Jason Houston
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