Rock-solid website marketing and SEO Services to bring your business more relevant traffic, sales, and leads.

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Focus Areas

Our SEO work focuses on these key areas. Each campaign is custom created to focus on what is most important.


Keyword Research

We Research the top popular short and long-tail keyword phrases that bring you the most sales and leads. These keywords are the key to your success and are the building blocks of a successful campaign.

Code Review

We review your code base for errors and update your framework or fix the errors. This includes taking your current design and moving to an updated framework or content management system.

Website Performance

An efficient website is a top ranking factor for organic search ranking. Most websites that rank in the top 3-4 positions in search have a 3 second and under load time.

Content Review

Content is king in search engine optimization. We implement easy to ready copy that search engines and your customers can read.


Targeted PPC

We make the most of your money spent on clicks with quality conversions for top ROI, Google Adwords, Facebook & Instagram Ads and custom display ads.


Blogging is the cornerstone of our work We help create creative blogs about your business and products that bring value to your company and bring quality leads.

Social Posting

Active social media accounts bring trust to your company and brand. We work with your team to produce quality posts that speak your brand.

Competition Research

We research who is doing what you do better and how you can get the leg up on the competition.

Free Custom SEO Evaluation

We are currently reviewing websites to assist in providing you direction event if that means you don't work with us. Enter your info in the form with your website URL or address and we will email back with professional advice on what we would do if we were behind the wheel of your website and business. This comes with honest advise about design as well as SEO and performance.

Privacy Statement:
Your information is used only to provide your report and is not used for marketing purposes. We do not sell to any 3rd party marketing companies. All communication is confidential and we follow all confidentiality agreements.

Campaign Details

We offer white-hat SEO services which is honest, play-by-the-rules approach that is made up of 3 parts and performed over time to ensure top rank for your intended keyword phrases.

We believe in a honest approach to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our campaign is constantly updated and revised to make sure you have the online advantage. We make sure to provide your website not only with more traffic, but the RIGHT traffic. Our approach starts with getting to know your business inside and out as well as your competitors front to back. 

We research who your clients are and how they search for your service or product. We ensure that every avenue is followed to position your business for increased sales and leads. Our goal is to create higher site rank, increased traffic, complete local listings, and increased social media presence. This allows your business flourish online and beyond.

Part A

Technical SEO

Keyword ResearchResearch the top 5-10 popular short and long-tail keyword phrase
Keyword ImplementationPage to page review and implementation of keywords to Image tags, meta tags, headers, & paragraph content
Content Review Suggest new pages and page-rewrites
Website Performance Speed optimizations, hosting configurations, and other tasks related to a faster loading website
Internal Linking StructureLink related inner-pages, review and implement better navigation structures / Structured Markup Implement structured markup throughout the website
Technical SEO Checklist and Trending TasksRun website through our updated 150+ point checklist for opportunities. Research new SEO trends to implement.

Part B

Off Page SEO, Content creation, Content Sharing, Listings and Custom Tasks.

Monthly BloggingBlogs available to be written by professional copywriter. Topics related to your business that will bring people in to make purchases and sales
Social SharingBlogs shared to all social media accounts. This bring awareness to your newly created content and makes your posts real and authentic
Email MarketingEmail signups on website will help grow your email marketing list. Email newsletters available to announce new specials and news
Off Page SEOResearch and assist in the creation of company accounts with websites such as Houzz, Yelp, & Google MyBusiness
Buyer PersonasResearch your ideal or most common customer types and investigate their habits. Make sure your business is found in these locations
Competition ResearchFind out who is ranking better and why. Create a game plan based on these findings

Consultation & Lead Possibilities

Monthly email suggestions on overall business direction. Suggest possible leads and positive connections

Part C

PPC (Pay-per-click)

Google AdwordsCreation and optimization of your Google Adwords ad account. Monthly optimizations and monitoring for highest possible conversions
Facebook & InstagramCreation and optimization of Facebook and Instagram ad accounts. Monthly monitoring and optimizations
Display AdvertisingDisplay ads created for various relevant advertising websites


Pricing based on number of blogs created and hours dedicated to your account. There is no minimum monthly timeframe and no long-term contract.

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