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Our search engine optimization services will increase rank, traffic and conversions.

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  • Optimization of your website to meet all Google and Bing guidelines
  • Keyword research and implementation
  • Landing page optimization
  • On-going content creation through blogging and social media posting
  • Live keyword rank tracking

Rock-solid website marketing and SEO Services

SEO Campaign Details

We offer white hat SEO services which is honest, play-by-the-rules approach that is made up of 2 parts and performed over time to ensure top rank for your intended keyword phrases.

Part A is technical SEO.  This includes:

– Keyword research, implementing your keywords throughout the site (Without spamming, into content and Meta tags).

– Site Optimization (Site Speed, mobile comparability, image optimizations)

Part B is Content creation, Content Sharing, Listings and custom tasks. This includes:

– Monthly blogging on topics related to your business that will bring customers to you. This could be useful content that your customer base would like to read about. This adds keyword value and traffic.

– Social Media sharing. All blogs are shared on all relevant social media platforms. The social media posting is limited to this and it is highly suggested to be more involved. This is a separate service from us and will not slow down your campaign if it is not done.

– Listings. Making sure your business is found in more places than just your website is important. The links created here are also important.

– Custom Tasks. Every business is different and every campaign is different. If there is an area that can be addressed or follow that will benefit your rank, it will be suggested and completed.

Part C – Pay Per Click

We setup your Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns and optimize them over time for optimal conversions.

How we work:

We charge a monthly base rate of $295 plus $40 for each blog post. This cost depends on the size of your site, your competition and if you need to rank nationally or locally. It is recommended to create 1 or 2 posts per month and is up to you how aggressive you prefer to be.
Each month all tasks are addressed in order of importance with a required amount of hours each month. At the end of each month you are provided your keyword rank and work log so that you can closely monitor your efforts. There is not extended contract as this is month to month.

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