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November 16, 2011
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What is SEO?
May 31, 2014

In the latest version of WordPress 3.9 you can simply drag a photo to the photo editor in your blog post or page.  In previous versions of WordPress you had to click on “Add Media”, then browse for the file on your computer.  You can still place the photo this way but the new version of WordPress makes adding images that much easier.

Here are the steps to Add a Photo to your Page or Post:

1. Find you photo you want to place

If you have a wide enough computer monitor you can have the photo showing on one side of the screen and then shrink the browser to fit both windows side by side.  This way you can simply drag the image onto the text-editor area. From the red arrows below you can see my image file ready to be dragged onto the text-editor area.

Note: It is important to rename your image files.  If your file name is IMG398498020.jpg , rename it to something descriptive like my-summer-beach-photo.jpg


2. Drag the Photo onto the text-editor.

Now, with the cursor in the place you would like the photo to show, click and hold down the button to drag the photo onto the text editing area.  You will see the text area turn blue then release the mouse button!

Picture Discription

3. Add the size of the image you want to place and name the image. There are 4 important steps here on the right hand side of the page.

  1. “Title” – Add the title of the image.  If you renamed the image file to start with you will not have to name the image.
  2. “Alt Text” –  This is where you use a sentence to describe the image. This is for SEO and people with screen readers. If you leave this blank your website will get penalized.
  3. “Alignment” – just like text you can align the image left, right or on the center of the page.  It is important to know that left and right choices will cause the text to wrap around the other side of the photo.  This is desired most of the time.
  4. “Size” – Only a few choices here.  Small, Medium, Large or Full size.  You may need to play around with this feature to get it right.
  5. Click “Insert into post” to finish!


Name the WordPress image and size it

Important Notes:

Make sure to update your page then preview the results. 

If you need to delete the image from the text editor, just click on the image and a “X” will appear on the top left.  Click the “X” to remove.

To add back the same image after you have deleted it, just click the “Add Media” icon above the text editor to re-add the image from the media library.



Jason Houston
Jason Houston
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